The Lie

The Lie Front Cover Image

They want to win and they don’t play fair.

Young students, Millie and Oliver Freeman may have lives that are genetically intertwined, but they never expected their own humanity to be a threat to them. The twins are drawn into the darkest of places while seeking answers to Oliver’s life threatening condition and their perilous journey exposes them to the very heart of evil. With only twenty-four hours left the twins must navigate the bewildering scenario that encompasses them in order to stay alive.

In this thrilling second adventure the twins discover the scale of the deception concerning the origins of the human race and what it means, but will they survive their present ordeal?

A fast paced and exciting narrative, this book is different and will challenge deeply held beliefs. Hidden within the framework of this startling and original novel is a message so profound that many will rise up against it. You have been warned.


Below are some of the reviews received from readers of ‘The Lie’.

5-Star-Rating  A cleverly constructed novel

I really enjoyed The Lie. It was like nothing I had read before but it was entertaining and it made me think. Julia Wilson

5-Star-Rating  Brilliant author

Absolutely love it! What a splendid book! I also read the first one – The Promise as well. Great story line and marvelous characters. Brilliant author.  Amazon Customer

5-Star-Rating  A Great Read for any age.

I really enjoyed the book, it has you on the edge of your seat. I look forward to the next installment with bated breath.  nomad

  Great Addition!

Both of my kids enjoyed this one. I’ve heard them talking about it several times today, since they’ve both finished it.
I’ll give it a go, next, as I enjoyed the first one!  ~Jenny Is My Name~ USA

  Great Read

Once started reading could not put down till I finished this book, great read, cannot wait till next book is out. Hope it’s not long.  Amazon Customer