Q & A

The Promise

Why did you want to write a book?

I am not sure that I ever did! I have always loved reading and really enjoy getting ‘lost’ in the world that the author creates. When I was a child I used to write stories at school and was told by my favourite teacher that I “would probably write a book one day”, so I guess that stuck with me. This particular book was written when a phase in my life presented me with more time than I had plans for, so I just sat down one day and started writing!


What is “The Promise” about?

Well, without giving away too much of the plot it is an adventure story with a hint of fantasy. Young twins, Millie and Oliver, are set a quest by a mysterious visitor who announces he is their new Companion. Quark is rather enchanting, but not always very helpful. They have to find something and he does not even know what it looks like!


Who should read it?

Everyone! I have been delighted at the comments from young and old. I did try to write it so that all ages would find it accessible and entertaining, but you need a reading age of 10 + really for the vocabulary.


Do you have a favourite character?

Ooh difficult one. Let me see, Winston is funny, Millie is impetuous, Oliver is kind and Quark is enigmatic, all the main characters have something to endear them, but if I had to pick just one – then Quark.


What inspired the story?

Not so much what as “whom”. Comments received from readers have included “it’s a bit like Dan Brown meets C. S. Lewis” and “I can see the flavour of JK Rowling, CS Lewis and Tolkien seeping through “. These are fantastic compliments, but you will have to read the whole trilogy to find out!


What happens next?

Book two is called “The Lie” and the twins get caught up in more intrigue. The topic is quite controversial so get ready for the feathers to fly!


What advice would you give to anyone trying to write a book?

Go for it! There is a story in everyone. A comfy chair is a must but anything else is up to you. Some people still write in journals but I prefer to type. Carve out your space and time because others will always try to steal it, live your life and write about whatever you are passionate about.

The Lie

Who is ‘The Lie’ aimed at?

The second book in the Seekers Series is aimed at an older audience and sits well and truly in the YA genre. The twins are thrown into another bewildering adventure and the stakes are high; Oliver’s life depends on getting this right.


Do we see the same characters?

Some old and some new! Readers of The Promise will know the back story of course, but it is a standalone novel which new readers can come to and enjoy.


Why did you say it would be controversial?

It breaks a lot of “rules” and will divide opinion, anything worth saying usually does of course, but in this case those who do not agree will probably shout the loudest. While it is a work of fiction it presents a worldview which is not generally accepted or promoted so I am bravely sticking my head above the parapet!


Who would enjoy The Lie?

Readers who want something different, people with an open mind and all who love mystery and suspense will find it entertaining and possibly challenging. There is some work to be done on the reader’s part though. The narrative pace is somewhat unforgiving if you put it down for a week and try to go back to it! (But initial feedback has shown most people prefer to go without sleep to finish it! Sorry guys.)


So what happens next?

The final part in the series is currently being written and will surprise many with its message. Watch this space!