Four Thousand Sundays

Four Thousand Sundays

To find your way back.

Sometimes you just have to die before you find out why you are alive.

Millie Freeman operates in two worlds – one is the corrupt, self-centered lifestyle of her billionaire Russian employer, and the other is the Salvation Army Centre where she volunteers.

The private tutor is very much a loner, with a secret past that makes it difficult for her to form friendships, but her two worlds collide when she becomes entangled in a ruthless plot and her young pupil is kidnapped. To make matters worse Millie is the prime suspect. Unfortunately for Millie, her latest celestial visitor delivers a devastating message and there are profound mysteries to unravel, as well as a child to find, before she can clear her name.


Below are some of the reviews received from readers of ‘Four Thousand Sundays’.

  Are you ready? This is the challenge that this book shouts to the reader.

A great third book in the series…(Wonder where the 4th will take us, with Millie, Oliver and Quark?) Well written, I would say this was my favourite, so far. Millie and Oliver are adults now and both face their challenges. I definite MUST READ, but make sure you have read the other two first. Magic and mystery abound, Faith or deceit, darkness or light: which side are you on?  Mrs Sally Farrell