About Me

Born and bred in Derbyshire, I love its majestic, rugged landscape and the hidden valleys where you can escape from the world. The people there are amazing and it will be forever “home”. I now live in one of the flattest parts of the UK and while I miss the hills, walking is definitely easier!

I love reading, walking, trips to the theatre, yummy chocolate and a good coffee.  When I am not writing I can be found on the floor playing cars with my grandson. (Or Hide and Seek / Zoo Marine / circus shows / Transformers / teddy bears picnics / Snakes and Ladders etc.  And occasionally we watch a film.) He is now four years old and has an amazing imagination. Before tea at three I have been a whale, a racing car, a superhero and a flying dinosaur. (Yes, he knows all their names). Such energy and enthusiasm, little people are wonderful reminders of deep mysteries and great joy.

When time permits I always have my head in a book and sometimes have two or three on the go at the same time (one upstairs, one downstairs, one on the go)!

I have degrees in Psychology and Education and I write adventure stories that blend the mystical and the mundane – because life is like that. We live in a world of pain immersed in Divine revelation, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

If I could ask my favourite author one thing it would be how she got started with her amazing brand and did she know after she wrote the first one how huge it was all going to be?  Jodie Picoult is inspirational!

An Alternative View

If I was a bird – I would be an owl.

If I was a cake – I would be a mixed berry cheesecake.

If I was a dog – I would be a Highland Terrier.

If I was an item of clothing – I would be a warm, woolly jumper.

If I was a piece of music – I would be Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

If I was a colour – I would be yellow.

If I was a book – I would be Winnie the Pooh.

If I was an animal – I would be a dormouse.

If I was a car – I would be a Mini.

If I was a flower – I would be a snowdrop.

If I was a drink – I would be a fresh pot of tea.

If I was a building – I would be a Yurt.

Highland Terrier Image